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Construction Genius

Dec 28, 2021

Construction companies often struggle to adopt new technology. It takes work, time, costs money, and entails risk. 

Our guest, Yaron Dycian — Chief Product and Strategy Officer at WINT-Water Intelligence brings an outsider’s perspective to the table today on how construction companies can benefit from adopting new...

Dec 21, 2021

I’m shopping for a new car. I make these types of decisions slowly, and do lots of research. Recently, I was driving by a dealership and popped in to see if they had the car I’m looking for. They didn’t. What got my attention was after I was finished chatting with the employees at the front desk, they didn’t ask...

Dec 14, 2021

This week’s podcast takes a detour from our usual leadership topics. 

A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction. For example, Pepsin is an enzyme that acts as a digestive catalyst, speeding up the digestion of meat. We are also familiar with the use of catalyst to refer to a person that causes...

Dec 7, 2021

Contrary to the popular belief the construction industry is an innovative and forward thinking industry.


However, there are some risks inherent in construction that can slow the pace of innovation. 


Brian Potter — a structural engineer, returns to Construction Genius to discuss why it’s seemingly hard to...