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Construction Genius

Mar 3, 2020

What would you say if I told you there are people working in your business who don’t fully understand their role and responsibilities?

We know that on a construction site, if a building doesn’t have the right foundation, the entire project will fall apart. The same is true in business, if the foundation isn’t right and people don’t understand their role in the company, trouble won’t be far away...

In today's episode, I will discuss with you the five distinct groups within a business who are responsible for business development and sales. 

I will also provide some steps on how they can work together and improve their performance. If your aim is to lead your team to the next level of business development and sales, then this episode is for you.


What’s Discussed In This Episode:

  • Who are the ‘Enthusiasts’? [02:05]
  • How can you utilize the skills of the enthusiastic business development people? [18:32]
  • Who are the ‘Number Crunchers’? [06:36]
  • How do you get your estimators out from their desks to sell their estimate to potential clients? [19:08]
  • Who are the ‘Change Agents’? [08:37]
  • Why are project managers responsible for business development and sales? [19:28]
  • Who are the ‘Front Liners’? [13:37]
  • Why should your superintendents, foreman, operators, and the entire field crew exhibit awesome customer service skills? [19:50]
  • Who are the ‘Heavy Hitters’? [16:02]
  • How to use your Senior Executive Team in business and development [20:23]

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Thank you for tuning in!