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Construction Genius

Mar 18, 2020

Some employees don’t have the guts to talk to their superiors about sensitive things that may or may not make a difference. On the other hand, some leaders make it impossible for employees to reach out by making themselves unapproachable—though at most times, unintended.


It’s imperative to understand that teamwork is all about communication. When communication stops, everything falls apart. Being someone of power in your business, you need to make sure that communication is flawless.


In today's episode, I will discuss with you the dangers of speaking truth to power, benefits of speaking truth to power, and how senior leaders can encourage speaking truth to power.


If your aim is to lead your team into a higher level of communication, then this episode is for you.

What’s Discussed In This Episode:

  • Dangers of speaking truth to power [06:07]
    • What will they think of me? [07:14]
    • How to handle this kind of fear [07:54]
  • Benefits of speaking truth to power [11:11]
    • Living with a good conscience? [11:31]
    • Will I be appreciated? [12:17]
  • How senior leaders can encourage speaking truth to power [13:44]
    • You like to be right. [15:20]
    • How do you come across to others? [16:40]
    • Am I worthy of speaking truth to power? [19:13]
  • How to speak up the chains of command [25:22]
  • Do your best to adapt [25:22]

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