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Construction Genius

Apr 7, 2020

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True leaders rise up in challenging times. It’s quite easy to feel anxious and helpless, especially as the world is facing an uncertain future. But turbulent times present opportunities that construction leaders should seize.

It’s difficult when you realize you have little control over the things happening and the impact of the coronavirus on the world. But there are still things you have control over, and those are the very things you should focus on now.  

In today’s episode, you’re going to hear a recording of a recent webinar I hosted on three ways construction leaders can stay calm and seize opportunities in turbulent times.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge we’re facing right now, tune in to this episode.

What’s Discussed In This Episode:

  1. What is the purpose of these challenges? [06:04]
  2. What are things you have no control, some control, and total control? [09:01]
  3. Leadership lessons in the past and applying them now [11:13]
  4. Adopting a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset [13:37]
  5. Staying calm in the midst of a storm [17:15]
  6. Tips for controlling your emotions [19:41]
  7. The edge that makes a difference [22:51]
  8. My 90 day leadership dashboard [25:39]
  9. Cultivating and projecting optimism [28:44]
  10. The EAR (Encouragement, Accountability, Recognition) framework [32:08]
  11. Problem solving, building plans, and seizing opportunities [34:58]
  12. The meeting process to use during challenging times [35:42]
  13. Building an action plan [42:20]

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Thank you for tuning in!