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Construction Genius

Apr 28, 2020

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Have you ever been in a position where someone has leverage over you? They have the power to influence your decisions, often against your will.  

Employees having leverage is a struggle most business owners have faced, especially in the construction industry. You may not want to be confrontational about it, preferring to shrug it off. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t work and it can bring more harm, robbing you of the joy and the freedom of running your business. 

In today’s podcast, I will give you examples of leverage and discuss the impacts negative leverage has on business owners and companies as a whole. I also seek to provide you with practical advice on how leverage situations can be avoided. 

If you are a business owner struggling in this area, may this podcast give you that 1% inspiration you need to face this problem head-on. 

What’s Discussed in this Episode:

  1. A recount of my personal experience on negative leverage [1:06] 
  2. How business owners are affected by an employee’s leverage over them  [3:01]
  3. The five examples of leverage [4:20] 
  4. The impact of negative leverage on your company [17:28]
  5. Practical ways to avoid leverage situations [20:16]
  6. A challenge to business owners [23:17]

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Thank you for tuning in!