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Construction Genius

Jun 23, 2020

Social media is here to stay and it would be a huge mistake to not incorporate it into a company’s marketing strategy because who isn’t on social nowadays right?  Today’s businesses are utilizing it for the purpose of engaging with their customers and their audience. Construction companies are lagging behind though but it’s not too late to start and while there are a lot of social media platforms out there, Linkedin is by far the most effective way to reach your niche. 

In today’s episode, I talk with Tats Nakagawa, he gives valuable information about how construction companies can leverage their engagement through social media. We discuss also what areas most construction companies are failing when it comes to their social strategies and why finding the right person to manage your business’s social media accounts is very important. 

If you still haven’t committed to using social media for boosting your business, let this episode motivate you to start now. 

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

  1. Tats shares what social media platforms interested him way back 2004 [2:13]
  2. Mistakes construction companies do with their social media activities [3:03]
  3. What it takes to succeed in social media [4:30]
  4. Why now is the best time to utilize social media [5:45]
  5. Constructing a message that appeals to your audience [6:53]  
  6. Finding persons internally able to manage social media accounts [10:35]
  7. Why social media is relevant nowadays [13:19]
    1. Linkedin 
    2. Instagram 
  8. Best social media platforms for construction companies [15:16]
  9. How to boost shared posts, articles, on Linkedin [17:57] 
  10. Strategies to boost reach on Instagram [20:02]
  11. How to measure success on social media engagement [21:03]
  12. Authenticity in social media [23:39]
  13. Laying the foundations of a successful social media presence [26:25]
  14. An overview of Tat’s company [33:13]

About the Guest 

Tats Nakagawa is the COO of a roof coating manufacturing company called Castagra. They help contractors, and commercial property owners solve difficult roof (tar & gravel) coating challenges. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and expert on innovation & marketing.

Over the past 20 years, Tats has launched hundreds of products and services, co-authored Overcoming Inventoritis: The Silent Killer of Innovation (Forward by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple), spoken to a variety of industry groups including: Chartered Accounts of Canada, Canadian Bar Association, The American Chamber of Commerce and The International Internet Marketing Association, written articles for Fast Company, Construction Today and Industry Week and been quoted on CBS News, Global TV, CBC and in The Globe and Mail and BC Business.


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