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Construction Genius

Oct 29, 2019

“Morale is a state of mind. It is that intangible force which will move a whole group of men to give their last ounce to achieve something, without counting the cost to themselves; that makes them feel they are part of something greater than themselves.” Defeat into Victory, Battling Japan in Burma and India, 1942-1945 Field-Marshall Viscount Bill Slim 

In today's episode, I explore the topic of morale: What it is, the three foundations of morale, and how to build and sustain morale in your organization.

I will be draw on the wisdom of Field Marshal Bill Slim from his book Defeat Into Victory, which we previously covered in Episode 38.

Highlights Include: 

  • The definition of morale 
  • The power of morale to move a group of people 
  • How high morale is dynamic, and why it must be cultivated and maintained 
  • Understanding the connection between human nature and morale
  • Cheerful generosity: the hallmarks of high morale  
  • 3 Foundations of Morale: Spiritual, Mental, Material 
  • Why the foundations are vital and how to get them in your company
  • Famous examples of spiritual foundations
  • Why transcendent aims are vital to high morale 
  • To ensure high morale make sure your objectives are obtainable 
  • The link between efficiency and high morale 
  • How leaders influence morale, for better or for worse. 
  • How good equipment and supplies impact morale in the field 
  • Working conditions and morale
  • Why leadership unity leads to high morale 
  • Training and morale: How competency impacts competence. 
  • How small wins build morale and set the stage for future success 
  • Face to face: How leaders build morale through personal interaction

Next Steps: 

  1. Realize that you are responsible for the morale of your organization 
  2. Be clear on the spiritual foundations of your business 
  3. Get on the same page with other leaders 
  4. Visit your people and communicate with them 
  5. Ask them if there are any issues that are not being addressed.  

Takeaway. Go to my website and click the button, download a PDF, taken from the book of Bill Slim’s Definition of Morale. Distribute them to your team and schedule a meeting to discuss how to close “morale gaps” in your company.