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Construction Genius

Nov 5, 2019

Peter Tateishi, CEO of Associated General Contractors of California (AGC of California) joins me to discuss “Build California”, a new initiative of the association Eric for a fascinating exploration of the mission of his organization. 

From the Build California website: 

Only 9 percent of Generation Z is interested in a future in construction. So where’s the disconnect? The construction industry has a perception problem and it's up to us, the associations, professionals, and organizations that actually build our state, to change hearts and minds. We have to redefine our industry. We have to invest in our own legacy so that future generations aspire to be construction professionals.

Build California’s pioneering approach utilizes robust marketing, communications, and outreach tactics in order to effectively engage with Californians about the lucrative, long-term, and immediate benefits of careers in the construction industry. Our outreach and programmatic efforts rely on on-going, customized messaging and resources delivered to multiple audiences on their chosen platforms.

Highlights Include: 

  • The Construction Industry’s greatest failure (and opportunity) 
  • 2 reasons that failure occurred 
  • “Build California”: AGC of California’s initiative to promote construction careers
  • Why Construction offers unique opportunities to a wide variety of people 
  • 3 Targets of the Message: Parents, Educators, Young People 
  • Adapting Build California’s messaging to Generation Z
  • Why AGC of California is targeting different audiences with different messages 
  • Communicating the breadth of opportunity Construction offers
  • How Build California differs from previous efforts to promote the Construction Industry
  • Partnering: How AGC of California is teaming with educators to reach the next generation
  • Why one career counselors gave a young man misguided advice 
  • Farm to ‘Hood: Targeting Rural and Urban School Districts 
  • How metrics will be used to track Build California’s success 
  • Build California’s five-year strategic goal 
  • How Construction companies can partner with AGC of California and take advantage of the Build California program 


Build California Website

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