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Construction Genius

Nov 12, 2019

Taking Advantage of R&D Tax Credits with Smith Miller, CEO of Strategic Tax Solutions

About :

Smith is the CEO of Strategic Tax Solutions (STS). STS is a private accounting firm that specializes in the area of tax known as the Research and Development “R&D" Tax Credits.

They make the process of accessing R&D Tax Credit dollars straight forward, cost effective and risk free. At no cost, they review construction company tax returns and provide a cost savings estimate for your potential R&D Tax Credit savings. STS is exclusively dedicated to performing R&D Tax Credits.

Highlights Include: 

  • What are R&D tax credits and how construction companies qualify for them
  • The “Four-Part” test that you must pass to qualify 
  • How sub-contractors and general contractors can both benefit
  • How you can take advantage of the credit, even if you bid on a job and don’t get awarded the project
  • Why you should get your CPA involved in the process early on
  • STS’s 100% success rate

Learn More about STS and R&D Tax Credits: