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Construction Genius

Jan 14, 2020

Tony Moayed is the CEO of Tricorp Group in Sacramento, California. From 2004 to 2007, Tricorp Group experienced significant growth and was named the fastest growing company by the Sacramento Business Journal List. In May of 2014, Tricorp Group had $198 million worth of construction under contract. That same year, the company was threatened with the possibility of bankruptcy, but Tony was determined to finish their projects and make everything right.

Join me as we discuss how Tony fought for the company to climb out of bankruptcy, what he personally experienced, and what he learned from this experience.


  • What Tricorp did right from the beginning
  • What Tricorp’s problems were and how they started
  • How Tony turned the company around
  • What Tony personally experienced during this time
  • Tony’s advice on what is necessary to fight through hard times
  • What lessons Tony learned through this experience
  • How he improved the new company from lessons learned
  • Tony’s advice for successful expansion
  • Tony’s favorite restaurant: Sutter Street Steakhouse

Next Steps

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