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Construction Genius

May 28, 2024

Delving headfirst into the entrepreneurial world, where people struggle with maintaining passion, Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) and mistakes, trust issues vs. performance issues, being a great leader and a manager, and creating change rather than waiting for it to happen. Let’s take a careful look beyond the surface of the entrepreneurial world with Mike Paton and help others master the timeless disciplines and practical tools of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Mike Paton is a speaker, author, EOS® Implementer, and former visionary at EOS® Worldwide. Over the past fifteen years, he has dedicated every working day to assisting thousands of leaders worldwide in operating their businesses and leading better lives. He is the host of one of the top-rated podcasts, ‘The EOS Leader', and co-authored two books: ‘Get A Grip’ and ‘Process.’

Throughout the conversation, Mike shares his thoughts and knowledge on why entrepreneurs lose passion for their work halfway into the state of quitting, how a visionary differs from an integrator, and how figuring out what personality you prefer will benefit the organization. He makes it clear there’s a difference between trust issues and job performance issues and how to detangle one from the other.

When you are a leader or a manager, you can’t ignore your responsibilities to your employees and wait for the change to happen. Clear communication between you as a leader and the employees is vital to continuing to work in harmony in the workplace. Wrapping up the conversation, Mike generously shares his thoughts on the importance of fulfilling the responsibilities of a leader and some advice for entrepreneurs who want to take their organization to the next level.



[03:43] The Passion – The possibility of losing interest in your work as an entrepreneur due to mundane stuff. 

[05:18] The difference between a visionary and an integrator.

[10:22] Level 10 meeting – How a level 10 meeting can help the visionary to figure out what is and isn’t working. 

[15:29] Trust issues – How to understand the difference between trust issues and job performance issues.

[22:01] Common mistakes people make when they try to implement the EOS® model into their operations.

[27:23] How can a great leader become a great manager.

[33:47] Change – The importance of fulfilling your obligations as a leader before being frustrated over the change that doesn’t seem to happen on its own. 

[39:07] Advice for middle managers on how to lead up and down through the organization. 

[44:47] Personal issue-solving sessions and how to identify if your organization is not structured correctly. 

[46.46] Advice for entrepreneurs who are in the stage of quitting because of the stress and overwhelming responsibilities but want to get the organization to the next level. 



  1. When you are in a rapidly growing organization, try to understand what type of a person you are; a visionary or an integrator.

  2. A weekly level 10 meeting can help the visionary or the leaders to find out if their involvement is needed or not.

  3. Make sure you have the right person at the right seat who shares the core values of your organization. 

  4. Try to approach the EOS model as a holistic approach rather than focusing on one component exclusively. 

  5. Always try to communicate your thoughts and feedback with employees as a leader or a manager.


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