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Construction Genius

Jul 19, 2022

The CEO of Harbor Capital, Levi Benkert, is this week's guest on Construction Genius.

Harbor Capital is a hyper-focused class A and B industrial real estate investment firm operating in Texas.

What’s interesting about this is Levi’s journey from a newly married eighteen-year-old who purchased his first home in Sacramento, California to growing a business that has a goal of getting to $1 billion in assets under management by 2030.

He is crushing that goal.

We discuss a development deal that he's doing with a construction company that you’ll find very interesting.

Think about how Levi frames his deals and the approach that he takes to real estate investment, and how that might influence the way that you look at real estate investment as you have grown your construction company and have these types of opportunities come up.

We also get into some more personal aspects of life and how Levi has benefited from the ups and downs of life, the lessons that he has learned in therapy, in business, and even from having children at a young age, and how that has impacted his parenting style, and the way that he is someone who has been financially successful, coming from a background of little financial success, how that has affected the way he relates to his children and the way that he wants them to think about money and the uses of money.