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Construction Genius

Oct 6, 2020

LeBron James is in the NBA Finals again. It’s amazing the level of performance he’s sustained for over 15 years. We all know he’s incredibly talented, but his success is not due primarily to his natural abilities. Hard work, dedication, and understanding how to succeed is far more critical to LeBron achieving consistent excellence. 

Today, let’s learn some lessons from LeBron and other top-performing athletes and take a deep dive into the 99% perspiration that goes into excellence, and what you can do to get into the habit of greatness. We discuss:

  • The seven areas of excellence
  • Self-imposed roadblocks
  • Steps you can take to improve as a leader

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Keep striving for excellence and tune in to this episode!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. What is excellence? [04:18]
  2. The 7 areas of excellence [04:58]
    • Why people put roadblocks on themselves [10:26]
    • The difference between genius and dedication [11:48]
  3. The self-imposed roadblocks to excellence [08:51]
    • Understanding quantitative and qualitative changes [14:24]
    • What happens if you make at least 2 qualitative changes [16:29]
  4. The path to excellence [12:55]
    • Different techniques you can use to improve your leadership [17:09]
    • “Do what you hate to do, but do it like you love it” [20:27]
    • You must embrace the attitude of self-sacrifice to achieve excellence [22:20]
    • Associate yourself with excellent leaders [24:59]
    • Excellence builds up over time when you sweat over the small stuff [26:40]
  5. TDAAT: five things to remember to get on the habit of excellence [16:38]
  6. Excellence is achieved by putting together all the small things performed well [27:33]
  7. The compounding effect of making simple qualitative commitments [28:08]
  8. Steps you can take to improve as a leader [34:07] 
    • A simple win breeds confidence [34:33]
    • Find someone who fits the definition of leadership you want to achieve [36:03]


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Thank you for tuning in!