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Construction Genius

Sep 14, 2021

Incentive programs are powerful tools for motivating employees to deliver amazing results. But they also have the potential to encourage bad behaviors that are harmful to your company.


What’s key is knowing how to create a well-structured program that aligns what your employee wants with what’s best for your company.


Today’s episode is packed full with insights from my guest, Mark Brooks, the Managing Director at Permanent Equity. Mark covers many areas including how an incentive program can be a good starting point for crafting the job description and the benefits it has in reducing silos naturally present between the field and the office staff. 


Listen and learn how you can give your employees what they want so that they’ll get you the results you desire.


Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction

3:24 The Importance of a Clear Incentive Program

6:04 The Connection Between Human Nature and Incentives

8:38 Tailoring Incentives to Different Parts in the Organization

11:34 Controlling Negative Behavior

17:18 Using Incentives to Minimize Silos Between Field and Office

20:21 The Need for Clarity in your Compensation Plan

22:15 Injecting Objectivity in the Incentive Program

27:03 Frequency of Communication and Giving Rewards

32:07 Making Incentivized Goals Achievable

34:48 Steps In Building a Good Incentive Program

38:57 Good Leaders Admit and Fix Mistakes

41:14 Getting to Know Permanent Equity

43:16 BONUS: The Must-Visit Restaurant in Missouri


About the Guest: 

Mark Brooks is the Managing Director at Permanent Equity. The firm invests in North American companies that have owner earnings of $2.5M-25M per year. They have a $300M fund that is used to make long-term investments in family-owned businesses including those in construction. As Managing Director, Mark supports their portfolio companies with their operational processes, tech stack efficiency, and demand generation.


An Excel nerd who also runs Ragnar races, Mark is on the board of directors for educational material provider Learning Without Tears.




Do Your Project Executives Need to Become Better Leaders? 


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