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Construction Genius

Dec 21, 2021

I’m shopping for a new car. I make these types of decisions slowly, and do lots of research. Recently, I was driving by a dealership and popped in to see if they had the car I’m looking for. They didn’t. What got my attention was after I was finished chatting with the employees at the front desk, they didn’t ask me for my name and email to keep in touch. They just let me walk out the door, despite me being their perfect target customer. This got me wondering about the processes they had in place and whether their employees were trained on how to handle walk-in customers.

Processes that work are essential to your business success. How do you build new processes and fix the broken ones you already have in place?

Tune into this short Construction Genius episode and find out!

Discussion Points:


• 0:00 Introduction



• 4:52 What is a process and why are processes important?


• 6:46 3 reasons why processes fail


• 8:06 Tips to improve your processes


• 12:29 How to plan out a process


• 13:35 Steps to improve your processes





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Thank you for tuning in!