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Construction Genius

Jan 25, 2022

Basic sales knowledge tells us:  “You cannot control productivity but you can control activity. Focus on quality activity, and the productivity will follow.” 


Productive business development for a construction company focuses on landing the right projects, with great clients, in the right locations. 


In this short episode of Construction Genius I explain why the productivity of your business development is linked to the quality of your business development activity, and how you can improve that activity and increase your backlog. 


If you’d need to get more projects on the books in 2022, this episode is for you. 


Discussion Points:


• 0:00 Introduction


• 1:57 Tip # 1 to having quality activity: Select your target (right project type, right location, right client, right point of contact)


• 2:25 Focusing on quality activity involves three things:


•• 2:40 Research


•• 3:45 Safe space


•• 4:35 Time blocking


• 5:49 Focus on accountability


Does your construction company need to get better at sales and marketing? 


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Thank you for tuning in!