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Construction Genius

Nov 8, 2022

Growing your construction business is a headache if the wrong person sneaks onto your team.  

Having the wrong person on your team devours your money, sabotages your bottom line and leaves you in despair.  

So how do you make sure you hire the right fit for your team?  

You must hire team members with the same type of conviction as your organization.  

In this episode, you’ll discover how to hire superstars to pour gasoline on your bottom-line.    

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to quickly tell if someone is the right fit for your organization (3:00)
  • The simple “conviction” technique which attracts super-star talent each time you hire (5:25)
  • The “Marlboro” marketing technique for meeting amazing talent you can hire immediately (15:00)
  • The “Netflix” method of hiring a sports like dream team in your organization (17:25)
  • 3 Core Values that Amazon uses to attract the right team players that never fail (18:50)
  • How keeping the wrong person bleeds money in your organization (and how to avoid this) (20:20)

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