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Construction Genius

Nov 30, 2021

Your projects will be profitable if your field crews are efficient. How can you increase your crew’s efficiency so that you can make more money? On this week’s episode of the Construction Genius Podcast we are joined by the co-founder and CEO of Clue Insights Inc. — Oded Ran. Oded is obsessed with helping construction companies make more money by improving their field efficiency using data and AI.


We invited him over to share with us some insights into:

  • What we need to look out for to make sure we’re using technology in an effective way to better our organization
  • What construction companies need to do to win every shift
  • And lots more of valuable insights


Make sure to check out the video of this podcast episode for a clearer view of a very useful slide Oded shares with us halfway through our podcast. Lots of valuable lessons to learn so press that play button and let’s get started!


Discussion Points:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:48 Biggest, most common problems of contractors that impact profitability

  • 3:38 Why does the construction industry seem to have minimal to no improvement?

  • 6:32 Is it true that most data is inefficiently communicated within a company because of this reason?

  • 9:07 Solving communication inefficiency within a construction company

  • 10:07 How the most effective construction companies go through the debriefing process

  • 10:11 Step 1: Preparation of Data

  • 10:56 Step 2: Using the data effectively
  • 13:31 Making data collection easier with this framework

  • 17:24 3 questions you need to ask yourself if you’re in charge of process improvement

  • 22:15 What Clue Insights does as a company

  • 25:56 Empowering field crews with the data they need

  • 31:32 What a construction company needs to do to win every shift

About Our Guest:


Oded Ran is Co-founder and CEO of Clue Insights Inc. — a company that aims to help construction companies maximize their company’s efficiency through the use of data and AI. He is obsessed with helping construction companies improve their productivity which is why they founded Clue Insights. Oded is a hands-on leader from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies.





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