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Construction Genius

Dec 28, 2021

Construction companies often struggle to adopt new technology. It takes work, time, costs money, and entails risk. 

Our guest, Yaron Dycian — Chief Product and Strategy Officer at WINT-Water Intelligence brings an outsider’s perspective to the table today on how construction companies can benefit from adopting new technology and using it effectively.

We discuss the following essential highlights:

• The importance of getting into a rhythm of technology adoption in your organization,


• The importance of consistent communication between the people on the ground and senior executives to ensure good technology adoption,


• How to be more effective at adopting technology in your construction company, and many more.


There’s so much to learn today. So keep the beat and dance to the rhythm of adopting new technologies in your construction companies, starting with tuning in to this episode!


Discussion Points:


• 0:00 Introduction



• 3:03 The biggest challenge in terms of construction companies adopting new technologies and using them effectively


• 4:22 What does getting in the rhythm of adopting new technologies really mean?



• 6:19 Balancing the need for profitability and adopting new technologies



• 9:53 Two sets of people involved in the process of adopting new technologies and why it’s crucial for them to stay aligned


• 11:42 Technology providers: Distinguishing good vendors from bad vendors



• 12:37 Characteristics of a good vendor 



• 16:02 Bringing innovation experts/executives into the team and what their roles are


• 19:36 Examples of the benefits you get when you have innovation executives


• 21:00 What WINT does for construction companies



About Our Guest:


Yaron Dycian — Chief Product and Strategy Officer at WINT-Water Intelligence brings over 25 years’ experience in driving strategy, building disruptive products and running market execution at innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies. Before WINT, he ran IBM’s cybercrime protection portfolio following its acquisition of Trusteer, and held executive positions at Consumer Physics, RSA, the security division of EMC, Mercado Software, Cyota and others. Yaron holds an MBA summa cum laude from the Tel Aviv University, an MS in Engineering summa cum laude, and a B.Sc. in Math and Physics with the IDF’s Talpiot excellence program. He is also an avid road and mountain cycler. He also loves skiing and hiking, especially in remote locations like the Himalayas.




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