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Construction Genius

Jan 30, 2024

Building a resilient construction business is not about surviving the storm, it's about managing cash and crews to thrive through any challenge, even a recession. In this episode, Scott Peper joins us to discover the challenges and opportunities faced by the construction industry, especially in the turbulent waters of a recession. Scott explores the survival strategies needed for construction businesses, big or small, to weather a financial storm and venture afloat when facing a recession. He explains why cross-training your teams across various services is a vital aspect of business resilience. He also lists down the dos and don'ts when managing financial crises in construction, from the risks of taking new debt to the importance of having cash reserves. Scott plugs in his book, "The Big Book of Cash Flow," which helps understand the financial side of your construction business. Uncomplicated, informative, and full of practical advice, it's a must-read for anyone looking to strengthen their financial acumen in construction. Tune in now and learn how to keep your construction business afloat, no matter the weather.


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