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Construction Genius

Dec 22, 2020

The world of business consists of peaks and valleys. Sometimes, you rise. Other times, you fall. So when your business suffers a tremendous loss, should you choose to stay at the bottom of the pit? Or should you bounce back up, taking the lessons that you’ve learned with you as you go?

In every failure and mistakes made, there is always a lesson to learn and an opportunity to do better. This week at Construction Genius, Bill Schultz, President of W.M. Schultz Construction, joins us once again to share with us how the things that he learned from his father’s business helped shape his company to what it is today. He also discusses how the shutdown of his father’s business impacted his family and why being able to service your customers well is key to a business’ success.

If you find yourself facing challenges and need some help overcoming them, tune in to this episode and be inspired with Bill’s amazing story.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Events that led to the creation of Bill’s company in 2000 [01:58]
    • What got him into construction [02:57]
    • Standing up for co-workers against senior employees [07:08]
    • Choosing not to involve his father in internal conflicts [09:10]
    • Becoming a foreman and a better construction leader [11:22]
  2. Working in his dad’s company [05:01]
    • Being able to detach from emotions to make the best decisions [13:20]
  3. The most important qualities of a good leader [12:55]
    • Shutting the family business down [16:40]
  4. Bill’s work relationship with his family [15:44]
  5. Key lessons that he learned and applied to his business [19:01]
    • How his dad helped him in building his business [21:46]
  6. The impact of the business shutdown to Bill’s family [20:19]
  7. Key takeaways on his father’s legacies [23:08]
  8. His father’s next step after shutting down the company [26:05]
    • Things that he wanted to do just like how his father did in his company [29:30]
  9. Bill’s initial challenges upon starting his business [28:41]
  10. Important things that a construction executive should do  [31:34]
  11. Three pieces of advice Bill would give to his younger self [33:13]
  12. Envisioning a construction business that runs independently through systems [34:23]

About the Guest:

Bill Schultz is the President of W.M. Schultz Construction, Inc., a company based in Ballston Spa, New York, providing services for water and wastewater treatment facilities to bridges, site work, industrial facilities, cast in place concrete, and design-build. Being in business for more than 20 years, it has become one of the dominant players in the construction industry in New York.


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