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Construction Genius

Aug 8, 2023

Changing the game in estimating can be a pain in the neck but utilizing gathered information will help strategize and turn the tides in the business’ art of war. In this episode, Melvin Newman, the President of PataBid, accentuates some key points to nail your estimates and win the right projects, clients, and locations. He also captures the value of socializing the estimates in your organization to be creative in increasing hit rates and winning more work. Melvin also shares his insights on how time inversion impacts the hit rate of a contractor in winning the work. Let’s dive deeper into this conversation with the estimating genius Melvin Newman!

Do you have a talented senior executive who needs to be a better leader? Getting an outside, impartial perspective from an industry expert can help. Reach out to Eric directly to learn more about his executive coaching for construction leaders: