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Construction Genius

Feb 22, 2022

Peloton, a well-known provider of interactive fitness products, has recently experienced a massive plunge in their revenue. But as Barry McCarthy steps into the CEO role during this time of crisis, he starts by sending an email about their plans for a comeback and how it’ll be possible as long as the whole company works together as a team.

Every business faces bad times. Overcoming them relies on the vision and courage of the company’s leadership.    In this episode, I analyze Barry’s email, and discuss how it applies to your leadership. 

The purpose of this episode is to showcase how a strong leader responds to a crisis. Regardless if your company is new or well-established, this episode will hit you right in the gut, so tune in and let’s dive right into it.


Discussion Points:


• 0:00 A little backstory for today’s episode


• 2:57 Barry, the incoming CEO gives a hat tip to the real key to Peloton’s success


• 4:21 Barry establishing his credibility as a new leader


• 5:09 Visionary vs implementer


• 6:57 Leaders need to confront the truth at all times no matter how uncomfortable/inconvenient


• 8:18 Confront the world as it is if you want to be a great leader


• 9:01 The present is shaped by the past but the future will be determined by your choices today


• 9:31 One of the main jobs of a leader


• 10:44 Identifying the company’s strengths is crucial in projecting the company forward


• 11:47 You need to be able to execute your projects profitably to succeed


• 14:14 Winning starts with accountability


• 18:36 Leaders need to establish their own management and leadership philosophy


• 19:09 10 core values of Barry as a leader


• 23:22 Listen more than you speak (understand to be understood)


• 25:00 Leaders must roll out strategies that need to be implemented




• Other corporate memos:


• The Peloton Memo:


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