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Construction Genius

Sep 12, 2023

The real cost-cutter may not be what you think. In this episode, our special guest is Mike Kaeding, the CEO of Norhart, who is revolutionizing the multifamily market with their groundbreaking approach to construction projects. Mike's unwavering commitment to placing the right people in the right positions led him to hire a remarkable team of 16 in-house recruiters. Today, he shares the importance of having the right people and how it helped Nohart achieve cost reductions that transformed the construction industry. He discusses why it's crucial for organizations to have an in-house recruiter who truly understands their culture and is dedicated to bringing in top talent. Say goodbye to outsourced recruiters and embrace this powerful idea. And that’s just the tip of the construction cane, as Mike also reveals his ambitious mission of driving down costs by a jaw-dropping 50%, starting with a 20-30% reduction! Don’t miss out, as Mike leads in reshaping the industry. Tune in now!