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Construction Genius

Oct 27, 2020

Do soft skills have a place in hardened industries like construction?

Dennis Doran—CEO, speaker, and author of Soft as Steel—explains the value of soft skills and relationship building within the construction industry. In today's podcast episode, we will tackle how soft skills create leaders. We will also learn how soft skills are similar to a building’s foundation and how it supports the structure that builds on it. 

Learn more about the importance of soft skills in the construction industry by tuning in to this episode today! 

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Soft skills make a good leader great [01:24]
  2. Influences of emotionally intelligent leaders [04:19]
  3. Why are soft skills undervalued in the construction industry? [07:24]
  4. Trustworthiness as the top soft skill [08:43]
    • The importance of building relationships [11:26]
  5. Downsides of not valuing soft skills in the construction industry [10:42]
  6. What the older generation can learn from the younger generation [14:57]
    • Determine the unfavorable traits and work on it [18:41]
  7. Poor performance can be due to non-technical issues and interests [17:13]
  8. Planning improves emotional intelligence [20:49]
  9. Personal and professional improvement is a process [22:39]
  10. Next steps of construction executives [23:52]

About the Guest:

Dennis Doran is a leading expert in the construction industry with his more than thirty years of experience. Dennis dedicates his time to providing leaders, across all industries, with tools to be successful in business, life, and relationships. He highlights the importance of soft skills in the construction industry in his highly acclaimed book, Soft as Steel. 


Books mentioned in this episode:

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