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Construction Genius

Sep 15, 2020

The construction industry is one of the major contributors to the US (and global) economy. But schools are putting less priority on technical education for young adults who will soon occupy most of tomorrow’s workforce.

People now have the choice to either get a 4-year degree from a college or immediately join the workforce right after graduating from high school. However, without having any practical skills, being able to find a fulfilling career (and build wealth)  can prove to be challenging. So how do we address this kind of situation? That’s what we’re here to discuss in this week’s Construction Genius podcast with Kevin Dobson from Capital College & Career Academy (CAPCCA). He’ll share with us how CAPCCA intends to take a different approach in solving these education problems.

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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Why the educational system fails to produce qualified construction individuals [02:20]
    • Having a degree doesn’t necessarily secure a high-paying job in the future [03:41]
    • How CAPCCA is helping students build their resume from day 1 [06:46]
    • By making classes more meaningful, kids will see the point of school [08:08]
  2. Fixing the educational system to better address the construction industry needs [05:29]
    • Working with your hands can help you overcome challenges [11:03]
  3. Why children serve as the beacon of hope for the community [09:40]
    • The school should represent the needs of the community [12:19]
    • We need to start treating young adults as young adults [13:36]
  4. Molding students to become tradespeople at an early stage [11:40]
  5. What happens when students decide to shift career choices [15:27]
    • Training students with construction skills early on saves resources [19:55]
    • Investing in apprenticeship vs retraining employees [20:38]
    • Why construction executives should put importance on apprenticeship [22:04]
  6. The advantage of graduating fresh out of college with actual work experience [17:52]
    • Their projected class size starting S.Y. 2022-2023 [24:43]
  7. CAPCCA’s target launch date [23:45]
  8. CAPCCA looking to partner with prospective workforce trainers [25:52]
  9. Why Kevin went into teaching [27:50]
  10. How construction changed the life of a small family [29:18]
  11. Kevin’s favorite restaurant [30:22]

About the Guest:

Discovering his passion for teaching since high school, Kevin Dobson is dedicated to helping students excel in their studies and perform well by the time they enter the workforce. However, he has seen a dilemma in the current education system that seems to remain unaddressed to this day: despite the rapid advancements in technology and the world, the way of learning still stays the same. That’s why he founded the Capital College & Career Academy, a free public charter school dedicated to accelerating high school students in terms of career. It is slated to launch this coming January 2021 and offers technical education to its future students.


Kevin’s Restaurant Recommendation:

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