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Construction Genius

Jul 28, 2020

You can start your construction business today and be like the rest of the businesses in the market. But with careful and refined planning, you can set yourself apart from the competition.

This week’s episode marks Part 3 of the four-part series on the Triangle One-Page Planning Process. Today, we’ll focus on how to build sustained success in the construction industry. I will cover:

  1. How to identify your niche
  2. How to serve your niche
  3. How to grow your business

Be unique! Craft your strategic plan and grow your business exponentially by listening to this podcast episode now!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. The example of Southwest Airlines [00:03]
  2. Sustained success is not an accident [01:05]
  3. Success in construction defined [04:26]
    1. Nail your niche [07:49]
    2. Your niche can be whatever you want [08:56]
  4. Identify your niche [05:05]
    1. It’s now what you do but how you do it that sets your company apart [12:09]
    2. Techniques to drive up your revenue and drive down your costs [12:37]
    3. Customer service is a massive way to drive up your revenue [13:47]
  5. Ask how you can serve your niche [09:59]
    1. Maintain a commitment to discipline [18:13]
    2. Focus on internal growth [18:45]
    3. Analyze your competition [20:29]
  6. Growth is essential to construction companies [17:15]


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Thank you for tuning in!