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Construction Genius

Sep 6, 2022

Some kids aren’t cut out for the traditional educational path. Many students have untapped talents that are valuable in today’s workplace but are overlooked because they are forced into the old-school framework.    

The good news? 

There is now another pathway for those kids who want to explore the possibilities of earning a living in a profession that interests and excites them.

In this episode, founder of the Capital College & Career Academy, Kevin Dobson, joins me to chat about his free public charter school dedicated to accelerating high school students. He explains how getting into a trade is now a viable option and how you can do your part in showing them the new opportunities available within this visionary alternative.

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why the educational powers-that-be label you as a thief when you challenge their long-held beliefs (3:18) 
  • The secret to becoming an engineer (without ever going to college) (8:09) 
  • How to enter the construction field (even if you have no idea how to swing a hammer) (10:14) 
  • The ideal way to discover your career without wasting time and building a mountain of debt (16:42) 
  • Common misconceptions about charter schools and why most have it completely wrong. (19:10)

About the Guest:

Discovering his passion for teaching since high school, Kevin Dobson is dedicated to helping students excel in their studies and perform well by the time they enter the workforce. However, he has seen a dilemma in the current education system that seems to remain unaddressed to this day: despite the rapid advancements in technology and the world, the way of learning still stays the same.

Capital College and Career Academy:

Kevin’s Email: