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Construction Genius

Oct 19, 2021

Waste seems inevitable when it comes to construction projects. But why does it occur? And how can you reduce it?


Shane Saltzgiver — founder and CEO of VEC, joins us today to discuss how we can reduce waste in our construction projects with the use of technology.


We also talk about the following points:


  • Why waste occurs,

  • Ways to reduce waste,

  • Misapplication of technology, and how to address it

  • Plus, relieving the tension between the office and field when it comes to expectations versus reality


This discussion is a very practical one, you’ll surely get a lot of insights whether you’re a subcontractor or a general contractor. Press that play button and let’s get started!


Discussion Points:


0:00 Introduction


3:26 Why does waste occur?


6:01 About the correlation between rework and safety


9:11 Practical ways to reduce waste


12:23 Why does misapplication of technology happen in construction projects?


14:40 Bridging the gap between technological advancements and your team’s experience


16:51 Navigating the tension between the office’s aspiration and the perceived realities of the field crew


18:29 Is there a gap between technology-produced ideas and the actual structure in reality?


19:53 The importance of communication in building an efficient workflow from the office to the field


21:29 Who’s accountable for ensuring the organization’s continuous communication?


22:42 Effective ways to keep your team up to speed with technology


23:35 Breakthroughs in technology for construction: When will you see them happening?


26:18 How do you encourage most GCs to adopt new technologies into their projects?


29:00 Effective way to convince owners to use technology in projects


31:42 The future of the construction industry in the hands of the new generation in terms of their appetite for technology


35:21 About VEC and what they do in the construction industry


38:11 3 immediate steps to take to reduce waste on your next project





Do Your Project Executives Need to Become Better Leaders?



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