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Construction Genius

Aug 1, 2023

In this episode, Eric Anderton engages in a captivating conversation with Michael "Buzz" Buzinski, an expert in website strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), and integrated marketing.

Buzz provides a comprehensive understanding of SEO and its crucial role in enhancing a construction contractor's website performance, online visibility, and lead generation.

Discover effective techniques for humanizing your brand by leveraging community relationships, building trust, and positioning yourself as a reliable and approachable industry expert.

Gain valuable insights on using SEO as a strategic tool to navigate potential challenges, including litigation, and protect your brand's reputation in the digital landscape.

Learn how to optimize your website strategy by incorporating SEO best practices, keyword research, content optimization, and user experience enhancements.

Buzz shares practical recommendations for contractors seeking to dive into SEO, whether through DIY efforts using reputable online tools or by partnering with an experienced search engine marketing firm.

Explore the long-term benefits of SEO and the importance of considering the full marketing ecosystem to maximize return on investment (ROI) and drive sustainable business growth.

Connect with Michael "Buzz" Buzinski at to leverage his expertise in website strategy, SEO, and integrated marketing for your construction business.

Contact Buzz via email at or by phone at 907-382-7625.

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Don't miss this enlightening episode where Eric and Buzz delve into the realm of website strategy and its pivotal connection to SEO. Whether you're aiming to humanize your brand, optimize your online presence, or effectively navigate potential reputation challenges, their insights will equip you with actionable strategies to elevate your construction business. Tune in now to master the art of SEO and propel your website performance to new heights.

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