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Construction Genius

Dec 30, 2019

This is episode two in the three-part mini-series on how to succeed in construction sales even if you hate selling. Today we're going to be looking at a sales strategy that you can use when pursuing new projects and courting new clients.

Specifically, we're going to dive into the importance of identifying sales...

Dec 23, 2019

Welcome to Construction Genius. Today is episode one of a three-part mini-series I've put together on how to succeed in construction sales. Even if you hate selling. So in episode one, we'll look at the psychology of high performers.

And if you or the people who report to you are responsible for sales, you might find...

Dec 16, 2019

Craig Gini is an owner along with his two brothers, Kevin, Brian, and his dad Gene of Collins Electrical Company, a $177m contractor headquartered in Modesto, CA. He is Vice President and Renewables Manager.

He is responsible for a company-wide focus on “Green Technologies” and “Energy Efficiency.” Craig has...

Dec 10, 2019

Show Notes: 

  • A time of corruption and crisis 
  • The duty and responsibility of leadership 
  • Why leaders need support from “Jeremiahs” 
  • Who are your Jeremiahs? 
  • What is the message of the Jeremiahs? 
  • Why are they important? 
  • Internal and external truth-tellers 
  • Jeremiahs understand your company’s culture and care...

Dec 3, 2019

There are three million construction companies in the United States. Listen to this episode and learn 7 ways to set yourself apart and build a great business. 


Highlights Include:

  • My attempt to distinguish myself at a traditional English public school
  • 7 ways to distinguish yourself: 
    1. Pursue Niche Work at Which...