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Construction Genius

Jun 28, 2022

Public speaking is a vulnerable position because of the fear of judgment and rejection. But there is a way to conquer your anxiety and become a better speaker in public. Eric Anderton presents Laurie Gilbertson, the founder and CEO of Tribeca Blue Consulting. Laurie talks about how practice and preparation are huge...

Jun 21, 2022

Want to build a home faster, better, and more sustainably? Prefabrication is the key. Today‚Äôs guest is Garrett Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Agorus, offering prefab offsite solutions that can transform how we build homes. He joins host Eric Anderton to explain prefabrication and clear up some misconceptions. Garret...

Jun 14, 2022

As the owner of a construction company, it's only natural that you focus on what you do. But it's also important to stay connected with the field. Your guys are out there working. It's good to get your bags on and join them, even if you're not too good at it. Join Eric Anderton as he talks to Ben Juncker about how he...

Jun 7, 2022

Every company follows a different sales process to build revenue. But some organizations don't want to keep an open mind. You can't scale if you don't want to do things differently. Learn what drives your revenue and how you can plug out all the leaks. Join Eric Anderton as he talks to Jennifer Aplin and