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Construction Genius

May 19, 2020

A better year, that’s what we all hoped 2020 would be like. But five months into this year and we’re all feeling the heavy weight that the challenges this current climate brings. For CEO’s or those in executive leadership, there’s a choice that you have to make though, either choose to look inwardly and start worrying about one’s self or be mission focused during a period like this. 

In this podcast episode, I have an interesting conversation with Curt Rocca, he shares his thoughts on what a realistic optimist is and also gives helpful advice for leaders who are facing the challenges that this crisis brings. We also discuss ways for companies to be effective in their scenario planning, the number of scenarios to plan for, focusing on the opportunities that lie even in this crisis, and a lot more. 

If you want to be that bridge builder that your company needs, tune in to this episode. 

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

  1. What it means to be a realistic optimist [3:13]
  2. How do successful entrepreneurs bear the weight of responsibility in a crisis [4:18]
  3. Recommended readings for leaders in a time of crisis [7:34]
  4. Helpful advice on thinking creatively [9:33]
  5. Staying ultra close with customers [11:12]
  6. Being mission focused even in a time of crisis [11:42]
  7. Advice for companies to be effective in their scenario planning [13:15]
  8. Important things to take into account in a time of crisis [15:24]
  9. Collectability of accounts receivable [16:54]
  10. Planning different scenarios [19:45]
  11. How CEO’s or Executives should approach problem solving creatively [21:16]
  12. Recognizing what opportunities are in front of you [23:24]
  13. Real examples of companies that were able to right the ship [26:16]
  14. Managing cash today for better opportunities in the future [31:28]
  15. Recommended actions for CEO’s to take in the next 30 days [32:50]

About the Guest: 

Curt is a highly experienced and successful operating executive who leverages his personal experiences to help other companies become more successful. 

At DCA, Curt works with companies to enhance their success and financial reward through effective strategic planning, operational effectiveness, acquisition-driven growth, and creating high-value exits for business owners. 

He is a creative problem solver and is often called upon by companies looking for innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to their most challenging or their most critical issues. A seasoned and skilled negotiator, Curt is also one of the region's most experienced and most successful M&A advisors, having overseen dozens of highly-successful transactions.

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