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Construction Genius

May 26, 2020

Technology? Friend or foe? Most of us have been in business for quite some time now, and whether we like to admit it or not, doing business nowadays is different from the way it was done, say, 30 years ago. The processes in the past, although effective, were limited. In today’s business environment, technology is helping break down those limitations and construction companies are among the businesses benefiting from it. 

In this week’s podcast episode with Matt Harris, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Viewpoint, we talk about the critical role technology plays in a construction business. Matt shares with us what challenges are common among large and small construction companies and how technology helps overcome those challenges. He also talks about what entails successful implementations of new technology in a company and the reasons implementations fail. We also discuss how contractors are adapting to technology in this age of digital transformation especially with the current situation due to this pandemic. 

If you are among those needing a reason to incorporate new technology in their construction business, dive in to this episode. 

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

  1. Technology solutions for construction businesses in a time of recession [2:43]
  2. Key metrics to look for in a scenario planning [5:03]
  3. Common challenges large and small construction companies share [7:55]
  4. How challenges differ among small and large construction companies [9:13]
  5. Practices of best performing contractors in terms of overall profitability [10:01]
  6. Creating a balance for the need of reporting [10:36]
  7. Differences in willingness and ability to adopt technology [12:28]
  8. Fundamental challenges in implementing new construction solutions [14:08]
  9. Drivers of change management in successful implementations [15:06]
  10. Rhythms of communication to be on track [17:22]
  11. Reasons implementations fail [18:29]
  12. Willingness to apply business changes relevant to software implementation [20:44]  
  13. How contractors are adapting to this age of digital transformation [22:44]
  14. Factors attributing to a contractor’s readiness to adopt technology [24:01]
  15. Why technology in the workplace is vital in this generation [25:10]
  16. Advice to construction company owners contemplating technology change [25:51]

About the Guest: 

Matt is responsible for driving Viewpoint’s overall product strategy and roadmap, ensuring they address the real-world business issues construction professionals face every day. In addition, he is responsible for Viewpoint’s merger and acquisition strategy and execution. Over the past 8 years at Viewpoint, Matt has helped to completely transform the Viewpoint product portfolio to include state-of-the-art browser based solutions along with multi-platform mobile applications, all of which integrate into Viewpoint’s class leading construction ERP platforms. He has also led Viewpoint through eight construction software acquisitions which have added critical new products to the Viewpoint portfolio and cemented Viewpoint’s construction software leadership in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

He is passionate about the application of technology to transform work being done in the construction industry and has spoken at dozens of industry events on the best practices for construction technology strategies and implementation.


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Thank you for tuning in!