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Construction Genius

Apr 6, 2021

Control is one thing that most construction business owners wish for. When you’re growing, things can sometimes get out of hand, and running your business becomes more taxing and stressful than ever. To make sure you’re on the right path when it comes to scaling your business, it’s important to lay the right foundations, doing the work necessary from the ground up. 

In this podcast episode, I talk to Al Levi of the 7-Power Contractor. Al provides valuable insight into what it takes to run and scale a construction company successfully. He shares what an org chart should look like, and what key functions should populate the top of that chart. We also discuss financial metrics that owners need to track and why owners should also be spearheading marketing efforts. We touch briefly on succession planning and the power of outsourcing and delegation. 

There’s a lot to uncover and learn from this episode. Check it out today!  

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 
1:57 The condo builder at Montreal 
5:43 The org chart
8:35 Visual accountability  
9:42 The flow of communication 
11:33 Key functions that populate the top of the org chart 
14:51 Why the financial and marketing person should be the owner
17:17 Financial metrics to track
19:50 Frequency of checking estimated vs. actual 
21:27 The right time in marketing 
25:16 Percentage of sales to allocate for marketing
27:31 Three drivers in marketing 
29:35 Get past the person who reads your mail 
30:51 Persist in your marketing efforts 
33:11 Reasons for failures in sorting out your business 
35:32  Making sure you don’t lose talent while filling in limited seats of position 
37:25 Conversations with people who are getting passed up 
39:24 `First steps to start organizing the chaos in your company 
41:51 Succession planning
47:16 The power of outsourcing and delegation 

About the Guest: 

Al Levi is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He created his signature program, The 7-

Power Contractor, to systemize his family's 3rd-generation Long Island plumbing, heating, and cooling contracting business and retire at age 48. Today, he shares this proven, life-changing program with contractors worldwide through his book, his online programs, his industry magazine columns, his blog, his podcast, and his speaking events.


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