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Construction Genius

Jun 25, 2019

Tim Hogan is the President of Bayside Interiors, an $80m subcontractor in Northern California that specializes in:
- Metal stud framing
- Dry wall
- Taping
- Strut Work
- Clean Rooms
- CAB Design
- Architectural Specialties
- Access Floors
- Acoustical Ceilings
- Painting

Projects include: San Francisco 49ers stadium, the first Apple store in Manhattan, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland in Southern California 


Highlights of our discussion: 

  • Tim’s journey from Top Gun Sales Person to President 
  • The positive impact of mentor’s in Tim’s life 
  • The importance of establishing and maintain processes 
  • Why human nature makes accountability essential 
  • Understanding, and sticking to your niche
  • The excitement of taking on high-profile, technical projects 
  • How to promote and sustain relationships with General Contractors 
  • How to avoid limping across the finish line when completing a project
  • BIM Modeling: hype vs. reality 
  • How Bayside’s culture impacts employee retention over three generations 
  • The advantages and challenges of being in a three-way partnership 
  • What Tim would do if he had to start his journey again 



Tim Hogan

Bayside Interiors, Inc.