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Construction Genius

Jul 30, 2019

Sean Cook, President of Cook Engineering, is my guest on today’s show. 

Cook Engineering is a general engineering company based in Rancho Cordova, California. Sean and his wife Shellie started the business in 2003. They’ve grown the business to $30m in revenue by taking care of their customers, and providing their employees with a supportive environment. 

Our interview focuses on how Sean has leveraged the success of his company into having an impact not only on his local community, but on a broader level, by providing construction services to a village in Uganda. 

Highlights include 

  • Sean’s encounter with a black mamba 
  • Cook Engineering’s decision to sponsor a village in Uganda 
  • How Sean built his business so that he and his top superintendent could to travel to Uganda 
  • The importance of living by consistent values 
  • How focusing on customer service has set Cook apart from other construction companies
  • How to manage the introduction of new technology into the business
  • Overcoming silos between the field and the office 
  • The importance of quality communication 
  • Creating a family atmosphere at Cook Engineering 
  • How to identify and participate in charitable activities 
  • The importance of consistency 
  • The power of answering the phone when someone calls

Sean is clear on how he needs to lead his company, and this has enabled him to have a positive impact beyond his business. If you’d like to improve your leadership, here’s something that may help: 


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