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Construction Genius

Oct 22, 2019

Doug Reitz, President of Mark Wilson Construction returns to the show to discuss the project selection process he and his team use to procure profitable work. 

Throughout Doug's career in the construction industry, he has been fortunate to have worked in positions that span from Project Clerk to President. He has completed or provided oversight through all delivery methods in projects related to the Medical, Educational, Public Works, Industrial and Religious fields. During this time he has worked closely with Clients, Contractors, Inspectors, and Design Professionals seeing all sides of a construction project giving him valuable insight into the entire construction process.

In addition to teaching courses at Fresno State in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Doug has also had the opportunity to speak with local contractors, design professionals, and at industry events about the leadership concepts of "Listen. Plan. Build.", "Communicate & Collaborate", and "Safety, Quality, Time and Cost".

Highlights include: 

  • Project selection: It’s not what you go after, it’s what you don’t 
  • Using objective criteria to help avoid emotional decisions 
  • Pride, Ego, Fear: the three-headed profit sucking monster 
  • Why the hot market in California makes project selection challenging 
  • How taking two hours to analyze a project can save you months of heartache and millions of dollars
  • Using “bullets first, cannonballs later” to explore new markets
  • How to intelligently weigh risk/reward and build a backlog 
  • Integrating project selection into standard operating procedures 
  • The dichotomy of structure and flexibility: How it impacts what you choose to build 
  • Develop criteria based on your own strengths and weaknesses 
  • Diligence and discipline: How to get the facts and make great decisions 
  • Doug’s favorite BBQ: Dog House Grill

Doug Reitz:




Mark Wilson Construction:


Your Next Step: 

Project selection is all about nailing: right client, right job, right location

If you do it right, you’ll consistently hit your “sweet spot” and make good money.

Here’s how to do that: 

Step 1: Define the Criteria 

List all of the criteria that, from your perspective, define the "right client", "right job" and "right location" 

Step 2:  Rank the Criteria 

Rank by importance to the success of your company.  1 is low, 10 is high. 

Step 3: Score the Criteria 

Use any number between 1 and 10.  1 is low. 10 is high.  

Here’s a tool to help you hit your sweet spot: Construction Target Market Analysis 

Click on the link and download the tool. Use it to define “right project, right client, right location”.