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Construction Genius

Apr 16, 2024

Process improvement holds significant potential for enhancing the profitability of your construction business, and the cherry on top is that it is where you have the most amount of control. Join Eric Anderton and guest, Moustafa Moursy of Push Analytics, as they explore the fundamental concepts of strategic process management and how they can revolutionize the way construction businesses operate. From defining processes and identifying key areas for improvement to balancing detail and flexibility, they unravel the essential components of strategic process management. Eric and Moustafa’s in-depth discussion covers crucial topics such as setting up processes, optimizing project management, and fostering collaboration with the executive team. Gain invaluable insights into onboarding salespeople, leveraging technical knowledge in sales strategies, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the construction industry, this episode offers practical guidance for maximizing profitability through process improvement. Tune in now and elevate your construction business to new heights of success!

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