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Construction Genius

Jun 11, 2024

In this episode of the Construction Genius Podcast, we try to look beyond the surface of the hiring process, where people get into trouble for certain beliefs that hold no validity in modern times. We make sure you get a thorough knowledge of the process of hiring with the newest technologies with Paul Sanneman.

Paul Sanneman is the founder of Dream Business Coaching, Contractor Staffing Source, and Residential Contractor Services Group. Paul has been in the construction industry for over 40 years, during which time he has started multiple business coaching firms and provided consulting services to over 400 others. Paul believes that residential contractors are the most interesting and ethical business owners, which is why he is committed to working with them. He is committed to helping them form successful teams so they can generate more revenue faster and enjoy themselves more. Paul has dedicated his life to coaching, which he believes is one of the most important relationships for a business owner.

Throughout the episode, Paul shares his insights on the six myths of hiring, why it is important not to delve into those myths, why it could be a mistake only to hire within your industry, and how people get into trouble by hiring fast and firing slow. Further, into the conversation, Paul explains the steps of a recruiting process, what kind of impression it gives to your company when you acknowledge the applicants for a position in your organization, and how assessment can help you understand if a potential employee shares the same values with the company.



[04.14] The myths of hiring.

[08.55] The importance of keeping your compensation leveled up. 

[11.35] Why recruiting within the construction industry could be a mistake.

[16.14] Hire fast, fire slow.

[20.32] Recruiting is not a project, it’s a process. 

[25.07] The steps of a hiring process. 

[29.13] The importance of replying fast for the hiring applications.

[35.08] How assessments can confirm if a potential employee has matched values with your organization.

[39.34] Reference check and background check.



  1. You should be hiring all the time. Not only when you need somebody.

  2. The skill of building teams will make you a great company.

  3. You should keep your compensation to your employees at market value.

  4. Hiring only from the construction industry can be a mistake. 

  5. One employee who does not match your corporate values can destroy the culture within your organization.


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