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Construction Genius

Jul 14, 2020

Each person has a unique personality. Companies are made up of people, and each company has a unique personality, or way of behaving. 

This week marks Part 2 of our four-part series explaining the Triangle One Page Planning Process. In this episode, we’ll focus on how to discover and leverage your company’s unique personality. I will cover:

  1. The definition of personality,
  2. The distinction between personality and values,
  3. How to discover and clarify your company’s unique personality,
  4. How to use your personality as a competitive advantage, and
  5. How it works with purpose to provide a solid foundation for your company.

Start leveraging your company’s unique personality to your advantage and stand out from the rest of the competition by listening to today’s podcast episode.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. The four fundamental personality types [00:09]
    1.  Values defined [04:39]
    2. Personality is a reflection of the company [05:34]
  2. What is personality and how does it differ from values? [03:56]
  3. Personality and purpose should be aligned [06:35]
    1. The benefit of discovering your company’s personality [07:49]
    2. Being technically and/or ethically sound doesn’t equate to being a good fit [08:56]
    3. How personality affects the success of your company [09:55]
  4. How to discover and clarify your unique personality [07:13]
    1. The importance of personality compatibility to your company’s success [12:30]
    2. Always drive towards hiring people who are personality-fit [13:20]
  5. Using personality as a competitive advantage [11:16]
    1. Purpose and personality are the bedrock of a successful company [15:46]
    2. Why purpose and personality drives your business [16:26]
    3. Vance Lancaster, VP of Lancaster-Burns on purpose and personality [18:46]
  6. How personality works together with purpose for your business to succeed [14:43]
    1. Set aside a meeting to define personality [20:30]
    2. Communicate your personality with the rest of the company members [21:07]
  7. Three steps you can take to find purpose and personality [19:59]


Do you need help clarifying your company’s unique personality? You could benefit from engaging an expert meeting facilitator that knows construction. 

Here’s what Vance Lancaster, Vice President of Lancaster-Burns says about working with Eric on the Triangle One Page Plan process: 

You helped us understand what our Purpose, Personality, Plan, and Priority is. We probably had an opportunity to do this 10 years ago, but we didn’t take it. I can’t imagine how much further along we’d be if we had.

It’s now a tool we use in every personnel review, conversation, quarterly meeting, and interview. It’s a foundation of what this organization is about, and we use it to help everybody understand that.

Clients come in and we use this triangle to help them understand what type of contractor we are. 

To chat with Eric about if and how he can help go to his website:

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