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Construction Genius

Dec 1, 2020

When your business grows, challenging situations of all sorts arise. How can you effortlessly lead your business through growth pains and achieve long-term success?  

In today’s episode, I am joined by Claire Chandler, a professional consultant with years of experience in the field. We discuss why growing pains happen in the business, how to adapt well to the growth, and why culture is the foundation of any successful business. She will provide a framework that helps businesses find the right path towards success.

So, join us today to learn more about effortlessly leading your business through growth pains.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Why do companies struggle during growth period [02:06]
  2. When do entrepreneurs begin to see growth in the company [03:16]
    • Employees are informed by the culture [05:13]
    • Cultural gap can be detrimental for the business [06:21]
  3. Culture is the bedrock of your business [04:34]
    • New talents provide feedback [08:30]
    • Hiring the first and right person for the job [10:47]
  4. Maintaining core culture while adapting to growth [07:11]
    • Acknowledging the needs of the owner [15:03]
    • Using assessments [15:54]
  5. Process of finding compatible individuals to be part of the company [14:24]
    • Getting the ideas out [19:03]
    • Having a sounding board [19:54]
    • Using and scheduling “thinking time” [21:21]
    • How busy entrepreneurs utilize thinking time [24:40]
  6. The consequences of a company going in circles and how to address them [17:27]
    • Finding the founder’s sweet spot [31:15]
  7. Effective things to help get into the growth path [26:56]
  8. Why looking at the past is essential for the business [32:53]
  9. How to encourage entrepreneurs to follow their goals [35:50]
  10. Handling employees who are not on the same path with the entrepreneur [39:27]
  11. How to get on the healthy growth path in 30,60,90 days [42:00]
  12. Powerful questions to push the progress of the company [44:50]

About the Guest:

Claire Chandler, a seasoned author and speaker, is on a mission to help C-level executives find success and overcome bottling issues caused by the business expansions and growth. She has communicated with small and large companies in the industry to provide professional input for their business structure.


Books mentioned in this episode:

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