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Construction Genius

Mar 1, 2022

When you try to get over an addiction, it’s not always a good idea to go “cold turkey” all of a sudden. How do I know? Well, all credit goes to my friend who was so determined to quit smoking, and the only way that worked for him was going the incremental route.


Sometimes, we get so addicted to the position of leadership we’re in that we tend to forget. If we want growth for our companies, we need to delegate tasks and roles incrementally until we’re finally able to hand over responsibilities.


In today’s episode, we shed light on the process of development and how you can apply it to areas of your construction business. Grab a pen and paper as you don’t want to miss this informative episode. Let’s go inside!


Discussion Points:


• 0:00 A little backstory for today’s episode


• 3:07 Two areas of development


• 3:24 Technical development


• 4:23 Relational skills development


• 6:54 The process of development: “the drive-around process”


• 9:10 The don’ts in the drive-around process


• 10:53 The outcome of development


• 14:10 A little story about incremental process development


• 15:02 These are your next steps




• Use the 90 Day High Performance Dashboard as a tool to help you incrementally develop your direct reports. Download it by clicking this link:


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