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Construction Genius

May 3, 2022

The construction industry has been one of the most affected fields in recent years with supply chain issues, geopolitical pressures, rising fuel prices, to name a few. So how do you innovate and add/create value and give yourself a competitive edge? Jack Aspenson is the CEO and President of S3 Surface Solutions, a disruptive, client-driven organization that focuses on providing environmentally friendly, simple surface systems that are long-lasting and cost-effective. In this episode, Jack sits down with host Eric Anderton to share the key strategies he used for his business to stay afloat and come out the other end successfully during such a volatile time in the industry. Tune in as he shares his thoughts on the blue ocean vs. red ocean strategy, environmental impact, supply chain issues, and manufacturing back in the US. Jack also gives solid advice to leaders and business owners on innovation and relationship building. Stay tuned.