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Construction Genius

May 12, 2020

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The past two decades have witnessed major crises affecting the whole country - 9/11, the 2008 global financial crisis, and the most recent one being the COVID-19 pandemic. Business leaders are faced with the challenge to rise up and lead optimistically during this period of uncertainty over everything that’s going on (which is not an easy feat) towards the future where things will be back to normal. 

In this episode, we have Angie Simon, President of Western Allied Mechanical. She shares with us how she is navigating through this crisis as a leader and how they are addressing the issues regarding the changes that they have to implement in a period like this. Our discussion is one that provides encouragement especially because it’s evident how she is leading her company optimistically even in the midst of this crisis. 

If you’re looking for that 1% inspiration to remain positive and lead optimistically, I highly recommend that you tune in to this episode. 

What’s Discussed In This Episode: 

  1. Angie’s perspective on the three major crises [3:38]
  2. How varied age groups reacted to changes in the company due to the crisis [7:31]
  3. Struggles that Angie’s company is facing in this crisis [8:07] 
  4. Communication inside the company to address additional safety issues [9:15]
  5. Dealing with isolation woes [11:00]
  6. How the leadership is navigating their way through this crisis into the future [13:23]
  7. Observations regarding the remote work scheme [14:34]
  8. Changes in communication rhythms due to the crisis [15:50]
  9. The role of a company’s core culture in a crisis [16:44]
  10. Navigating the crisis as a union contractor [18:01]
  11. The balance between empathy and the need for productivity [19:08]
  12. Framework for scenario planning of this crisis [20:31]
  13. What decisions were made during the crisis that prove useful in the future [22:02]
  14. Supporting and interacting with clients [23:02]
  15. The good things that are coming out of this crisis [24:04]
  16. Connecting with industry partners and competition [25:24]
  17. Cementing employee relationships in a time of crisis [26:45]
  18. What Angie has discovered about herself in this crisis [28:49]
  19. Shows Angie has watched during the lockdown [30:03]
  20. Alternative ways Angie has reached out and helped contractors in this crisis [31:43]
  21. Angie’s pollyanna principle [33:32]

About the Guest: 

Angie has led Western Allied Mechanical as President since 2009, and has been with the company for three decades. During this time, she has served as visionary, spokesperson and role model for the entire WAM team, and the industry in general. A proud supporter of women in the workplace, she has championed many programs aimed at creating opportunities for women to succeed in many sectors of the business. As a testament to this, 40% of WAM employees are women. In 2019, Angie became President of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA), furthering her influence in our industry.

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Thank you for tuning in!