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Construction Genius

Sep 27, 2022

Most in the construction industry say meetings are a waste of labor.  

They say it’s “busy work” that gets you no results when you could be focusing on a deadline.  

That’s the “old way” of looking at meetings.

Meetings, if conducted correctly can increase your leverage by 10x and maybe more.  It allows you to multiply your efforts and identify problems before they even arise.  

In this episode, you will discover how to turn meetings from a waste of time into the most productive activity in your business. 

Listen now:

  • The ‘Micro Strategy” that solves hidden project problems before they appear (2:25)
  • Two “classic” books that all executives should read to get more money out of every team member (3:15)
  • How to get maximum return on your time with this quick “mental shift” (3:35)
  • The “ask” formula for structuring meetings for maximum impact and efficiency (6:10)
  • How to get  others to plan meetings for you (without it being an hour long shouting match) (7:03)
  • The “follow along” technique for maintaining laser like focus in a meeting (7:38)  
  • 5 questions to “ethically force” your teammates to reveal their secrets to prevent disasters (9:45)
  • The “peel the onion” method used to discover hidden business problems before they become catastrophic (11:50)

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