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Construction Genius

Feb 16, 2021

Growth is every business owner’s aim. But many find growing their businesses to be overwhelming; with so many things to take care of, it becomes difficult to pick an area of focus. However, growing your business does not have to be complicated; generations of companies have focused on three things, and they experienced the growth they so longed to achieve. 

In this week’s Construction Genius podcast episode, I welcome my guest, Bill Flynn, the Catalyst Growth Advisors’ chief catalyst. Bill shares the three things a company needs to focus on to achieve growth. He discusses each of these areas of focus in detail and gives action steps that business owners can take to propel their companies forward. 

If you are excited about growth but overwhelmed at the same time, this episode is for you. 

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 
1:13 Three things to focus on for company growth 
4:01 Teams and why companies should start with them 
6:19 A business owner’s worldview and its impact on business
7:17 Critical skills for team leadership  
9:46 How to help people who are struggling to perform well 
12:32 Flexibility in assigning jobs to people 
15:11 Design thinking
17:38 Systems and what it does for a business’s growth 
22:44 Recommended change process that works well 
25:02 Why leadership teams are not cohesive 
26:05 Creating psychological safety as a leader 
28:20 Cash as a primary metric for growth 
30:00 Cash for growth and cash for safety
31:57 Grow in a healthy way 
32:52 It always starts with the people 
34:27 Regaining control 
37:38 Bill suggests action steps 

About the Guest: 

Bill Flynn collaborates with Alan Mulally, has pitched Steve Jobs, accomplished much, failed often, and learned many useful lessons from thirty years of studying the science of success.

He has worked for and advised hundreds of companies, including startups, where he has a long track record of success in multiple industries.  He has been a VP of Sales eight times, twice a CMO, and once a GM of a $100MM IT services company division before he pivoted to becoming a business growth coach in 2015. He had five successful outcomes before this, two IPOs, and seven acquisitions, including a turnaround during the 2008 financial crisis.

Bill Flynn is also an author and international speaker. Bill’s best-selling book - Further, Faster - The Vital Few Steps that Take the Guesswork out of Growth continues to garner a 5-Star rating.  


Books mentioned in this episode: 

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