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Construction Genius

Sep 8, 2020

The buildings and infrastructure you see all around you started with a single thought. That thought was communicated to people who then built with skill and hard work. Without that thought, nothing would be created. Just like how those buildings started with a thought, your thoughts and your mindset also play a critical role when it comes to the success of your business.

Your thoughts dictate your actions and behavior. Without having control over your mindset, you can make poor decisions in critical situations that will affect you, your clients and even how your employees perceive you as their leader. What can you do to gain greater control? That’s what we’re here to find out in this Construction Genius episode as Casey Grey, founder of The Conscious Builder, shares with us how your mindset can make a difference to the way you manage your employees and your clients.

Be a master of your mindset by tuning in to this episode.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Business success is 20% mechanics and 80% psychology [01:51]
  2. The brain is a muscle that needs constant exercise [03:12]
    • Meditation helps you control your reaction to uncontrollable events [07:28]
  3. Meditation gives you clarity and focus [05:07]
    • Your employees will do as you do, not as you say [11:47]
    • Leading by example is not micromanaging [12:19]
  4. Having control of yourself reflects how you are in control of a situation [10:40]
    • The biggest factor in stepping into a role is the want to make the shift [15:59]
  5. How to transition from the project-building to the project-leading mindset [14:02]
    • There’s always a next project [18:52]
    • Maintain mutual respect [19:31]
  6. To be able to manage clients, you have to get the right ones first [16:48]
  7. Asking questions is more important than telling [20:52]
    • To achieve success, you have to keep moving forward and take action [22:48]
  8. True success is mastery over self [21:40]
  9. Managing family and business both at the same time [24:02]
  10. To get on the same page as your spouse, you need to listen [25:49]
  11. Casey’s ideal day [28:40]
  12. Casey’s favorite restaurant [31:00]

About the Guest:

Casey Grey is the founder of The Conscious Builder, an award-winning sustainable building company. With two decades of construction experience and over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, he now helps construction companies build homes in a more conscious manner. He hosts The Conscious Builder Podcast and is currently co-authoring a book with Kevin Harrington from The Shark Tank.


Casey’s Restaurant Recommendation:

Books mentioned in this episode:

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