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Construction Genius

Nov 3, 2020

There is a rapid shift happening in the workplace today. Millennials are firmly established in leadership positions. While this proves to be useful for companies, some Boomers and GenXers find it difficult to adjust and see the good that the Millennial generation offers. Finding the balance between the strengths of each generation and how to put it to good use is crucial to get the workplace in order and more productive. 

Today’s podcast episode features ICF professional coach and author of “Unleash the Millennials and Save the World”, Philip Zimmerman. Philip has extensive experience in handling and growing businesses before he ventured into teaching. We will talk about how this transition he went through in life helped him see and highlight the disparity between generations, how to effectively incorporate the younger generation to the company’s executive team, and what these different generations can learn from one another. 

Listen to this podcast episode and gain a lot of helpful insights about this issue. 

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Philip’s career change [02:20]
    • Experiences as a teacher [04:43]
    • The disconnect between generations [09:55]
  2. The interaction between leaders and employees [08:18]
    • Allow creativity and innovation thrive [12:53]
  3. Explaining why the ‘Why’ is as important as explaining the ‘How’ [10:40]
  4. Bridging the gap between the new and traditional methods [14:25]
  5. Mistakes when incorporating Millennials into leadership teams [16:03]
  6. Bridging the human wisdom gap [17:54]
  7. How can Boomers help Millennials lead in human interactions effectively? [19:54]
  8. The need and preference for coaching sessions [21:20]
  9. Communicate the mission, vision, and core values properly [24:07]
  10. The next steps to maximize the impact of Millennial leaders [26:40]

About the Guest:

Philip Zimmerman is on a mission to help businesses achieve higher and sustainable levels of outcomes. He is the author of the groundbreaking book ‘Unleash the Millennials and Save the World’, which aims to build resilient and successful businesses by developing the next generation of leaders. His long years of experience in handling businesses and in the academe helped him bridge the generational difference in the workplace. 


Books mentioned in this episode:

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