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Construction Genius

Sep 26, 2023

Transforming project managers into influential leaders is the cornerstone of predictable profit in construction. In this episode, host Eric Anderton sits with Kyle Nitchen, who launched “The Influential Project Manager”. Together, they discover the secrets of transforming ordinary project managers into influential leaders who consistently deliver on-time, on-budget, and profitable projects. Join us as Kyle uncovers the six critical archetypes for construction leadership success that underpin effective project management. From the charismatic "Business Developer" to the meticulous "Accountant," Kyle discusses how embracing these archetypes can elevate your project management game. Boost your leadership skills, foster lasting client relationships, and propel your construction projects to new heights. Tune in now!


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People problems are costing your construction company millions. Here’s how to solve them.

If you’re a construction owner, you’re looking at the current projects on the books and your financial success. And you know you could do better. You find yourself asking the same questions:

Why is it that my project profit fades over the lifetime of a project?

Why is it that I have these conflicts between the field and the office, or between myself and my project partners, or between the general contractors and my owners?

Why is it that I can't identify the right types of people to work in the organization or the right types of projects to build?

Why is it that I bid on a project and think I'm gonna win it, but my competition comes in at the last moment and takes the project away from me?

The reason why is your people don’t know how to lead, they don’t know how to establish clear strategies, and they don’t know how to sell. Every business problem you’re facing is a people problem. Technical competence is not enough. It’s about identifying the right client, the right project, and the right location, and attracting the right people into the right roles to build relationships with those clients and deliver the projects on time.

Since 2004, Eric Anderton has worked with construction company executive teams to improve their profitability. All things being equal in terms of technical skills, the quality of a construction business comes down to the people involved. You need to be able to sell your services to the right clients with the right projects. You need to bring the right people on-site to execute those projects. And you must communicate internally and externally throughout the lifetime of a project so that you deliver that project profitably on a consistent basis. The people determine everything in construction.

In this book, Eric has compiled nearly two decades of proven, no-BS construction advice to show you:

  • How to lead
  • How to strategize
  • How to sell
  • How to be successful

Construction Genius logically breaks down complex concepts into small components so any construction leader understands how to be more effective. Construction Genius covers topics as broad as how to structure a meeting so you reach an agreement on how to solve problems every time, to how to have tough conversations without ruining relationships, to how to build better teams that deliver profitable projects . . . and the one question that will save you $1 million, guaranteed.

Whether you’re a subcontractor that generates $10 million a year or a general contractor that generates $1 billion-plus a year, Construction Genius solves the profit-killing people problems every company battles.

Simple, straightforward leadership, strategy, sales, and marketing tools to build a profitable, sustainable construction company.

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